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Southbourne Community Choir

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Community Choirs UK is launched!

Our first new choir under the Community Choirs UK banner was launched on Tuesday 7th January at the St John’s Centre in Southbourne. This is the first morning choir we have attempted, running from 10.00am to 12noon and we wondered if anybody would come!

Community choirAs it happens, we had a turn out of 25 people, which for a first trial run was very encouraging. If this choir develops in the same way that our Chichester choir developed, we will reach our capped membership of 50/60 people within the next month or two.

I welcomed everybody and gave a short life history! Really to give people confidence that I know what I am doing with the music thing.

When I travelled as a musician a few years back, I used my own 1000 watt PA system, Shure SM58 mics and various electronic gadgets. However, all this equipment has been in store for a number of years and I was worried that it would be damp and unusable. I had a trial run in my living room at home on Monday afternoon, and it all worked perfectly, apart from a couple of dodgy leads.

So for our first Community Choir at Southbourne, the old PA gear was in action! I currently have three vocal mics so will be coaching potential soloists in stage performance, mic control and stage presence.

All exciting stuff!

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