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A Real Community!

The Community Choirs UK Is Different!

And it’s not just what we sing and the way we sing it! Right from the start, we wanted to create a real community spirit among choir members and now, when we meet to sing we are also meeting friends and feel part of something much bigger. We have been able to give support to people who have been struggling with life and come along side those who have suffered illness and bereavement.

a_real_communityThat’s what makes the singing so much more meaningful.

We come together with a common purpose. To sing, make music, learn how to perform well, develop our vocal skills, learn new musical techniques and entertain people who come to listen. But around all of that, there is a genuine feeling of “belonging”.

Listen to what they say:

Each week I think the fun and sense of achievement can’t get any better but then, the next Tuesday takes another giant leap into two hours of total enjoyment, laughter and it would seem …… much progress !! I don’t recall school and learning being this good! Such a great feeling inside the Chapel…….almost as if anything bad has to stay outside.

I would just like to say a big thank you – to you, for all the hard work you put in to running the choir – I know that there will also be ‘behind the scenes’ jobs to do as well – so thank you for giving up your free-time to enable all of this to happen.  I really enjoy coming – & look forward to an interesting year next year.

I’m so looking forward to where our choir will go!! With our enthusiasm and yours watch this space – nothing is impossible.  I think we put `x factor` in the shade!! ha ha

I am so pleased I signed up for the choir its given a real lift and I truly look forward to when we are all together singing

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