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Our Bognor Community Choir – Bersted Lane

Our first session on Thursday 9th January was great with 47 people coming along – all rather nervous at first, but soon getting into the swing of things. There was a good mix of people of all ages and quite a few men turned up too! We have the makings of a good tenor section right there.

strings-215028_640Some people were a little worried about having to read music – but in our Community Choirs we do not expect people to do that. We learn our parts by a simple “sing and repeat” method backed up by rehearsal videos that are available for choir members in their own members area of the website.

We will now meet every Thursday evening from 7.30 to 9.15pm with refreshments available at the end in a cafe style area. Great for making new friends and chatting about the ups and downs of our performance!  People can join our choirs at any time during the 12 week session, bearing in mind that we will be capping the membership at between 50/60 people max.

The first concert for our Bognor Community Choir will be coming up at the end of the first session!

Steve is leading most of the sessions using his guitar – (and hands and feet!) – but Emma Barnes, one of our Conductors will be along from time to time to assist. We also have various other people waiting on the sidelines to lend a hand! All in all, an exciting team is building.

Stay tuned!

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