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Boomwhackers Are Coming!


Bringing the rhythm back into our lives!

OK, the news is out! I am a closet drummer and percussionist! As a solo artist I used to play various instruments on stage (not all at the same time of course!) including an Korg O1W Keyboard, Fender Strat and a percussion kit stacked vertically above the keyboard! Yes I know it was a pose! But it seemed to go down well in schools, colleges and various concert venues.

bom150_2My favourite guitar among the five I currently own is my Ovation Balladeer. Fantastic instrument with a great sound. When I first started out as a performing musician, I had a deep bowl Balladeer but unfortunately the front of the guitar split on a flight back from the USA. I should have loosened the strings to lesson the strain on the body at high altitude. So all these years later, I have another Ovation – this one was picked up second hand from the pages of Ebay.

So what do we do with all this rythym?

Boomwhackers is the answer! I will be introducing Boomwackers into our choir rehearsals to enable us to learn various rhythms and for team building exercies, all part of the fun of being in a community choir. I may even bring in the good old djembe to help us with the African rhythms!

All good fun coming our way!

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