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“Do I have to audition to join Community Choirs UK?”

No! We welcome anybody, whatever musical ability they have. We work with people to enable them to find a voice. Anybody can sing!

“Do I have to be able to read music?”

No! We use a “sing and repeat” method and use Lyric Sheets rather than a musical score. We do teach the rudiments of music, but choir members are not expected to read music to take a full and active part.

“When do the choirs rehearse?”

We run weekly daytime and evening choirs during school term times.

“Do I have to sing solo?”

Don’t worry! We are not going to ask you to sing solo if you’d rather not. We will give you some coaching to enable you to take on solo lines if you would like to.

“Do I have to commit for a whole term?”

For your own sake and ours, it is much better if you can commit to a whole term. The reason is that our rehearsals are structured around preparing for a concert performance – usually for charity. Our choirs perform in major concerts once each term and there are opportunities for smaller performances also.

“How many concerts do you arrange each year?”

Usually three, one in each school term. Since Community Choirs UK started, we have raised several thousand pounds for charity. There is an expectation that choir members will take part in the concerts, but this is not compulsory.

“What kind of music do you sing?”

We enjoy singing a variety of music including Pop, Rock, Soul and Gospel.

“Do you have rehearsal videos available?”

Yes. These are available to members of Community Choirs UK. The videos are arranged and recorded by Steve and he talks you through the various vocal arrangements for each song, enabling members to learn their parts at any time – as long as they have access to a computer of course!

“How much does it cost?”

Some of our choirs run on a “donation only” basis, others have a fixed weekly rate. Some of the well know community choirs in the UK charge around £10.00 per session which we think is too expensive! Many of the people who come to our choirs could not afford that kind of money.

The choir running on a donation only basis are:
1. Quainton
3.Long Crendon

A donation of between £3 to £5 per session seems reasonable. This helps with the hire of a hall, lyric sheets, folders and envelopes, travel expenses and the hours given by those who spend a lot of time arranging, composing, recording and preparing.

“What does It Mean To Be A Member Of Community Choirs UK?”

We operate during school term times – usually 10 or 12 weeks in the Spring, 10 or 12 weeks in the Summer and 10 or 12 weeks in the Winter.

“Is Singing Good For You?”

Singing is a proven stress-buster by producing that “feel good factor”  that many choir members talk about. It enables us to get breathing properly and as the energy flows, all those pent up feelings are expressed in a healthy way.  Many people in our choir say that after coming to rehearsals after a stressful day, they feel in a place of calm and focus which renews them and uplifts their spirit to face another day. Some have said to us that our choir has completely changed their lives and given them confidence to discover gifting they never knew they had, which has an impact on every area of their lives.

Recommendation: Get singing!

“How many people are in your choirs?”

Membership of our Community Choirs is normally capped at around 50 people. This enables us to spend more focused time with members  – vocal coaching, stage presence and performance techniques. Find out where our Community Choirs are starting right here: Community Choirs

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