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Vocal Coaching

Steve writes:

I love this choir! We have a lot of fun and I’ve watched individuals improve their singing and vocal performance over the last three years. Really exciting. However, we are all volunteers and have our day jobs, so can’t give one on one vocal coaching, so I’ve been looking around for an online voice coaching course that I could recommend.

I discovered Aaron Anastasi. He is American and happens to be a Christian. Please don’t let either thing put you off! The positive thing about this of course, is that he can’t make claims that are untrue! He would get slaughtered for it.

Video Coaching Course

I purchased Aaron’s Vocal Coaching Course myself to brush up on my vocal dexterity! (I really need it after 30 years ripping my throat out singing rock ‘n roll!)

It is a unique video based coaching course that I recommend to anyone wanting to improve their singing ability and vocal performance.

It does cost – but it is ridiculously cheap compared to anything else I’ve seen. And much cheaper than standard vocal coaching, as I’m sure you will realise. And the beauty is that you can go through the course in the comfort of your own home.

He also gives his personal email address, and offers free one on one coaching advice for 12 months for anyone doing the course.

The sales video is long! But worth watching

If you do go ahead and buy the course, make sure you use it! There is a lot of high quality, professional material in the course – but you have to take action!

Also, after you purchase the course, you will be taken to two additional offers – IGNORE THEM! You don’t need. Just go for the main product.

Click Here: Superior Singing Method



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