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Choirs To Build Your Business!

Yes of course! It makes perfect sense because music brings people together. Team building should be a priority for business owners in these days when we are recovering from the worst recession for decades.

Gareth Malone has demonstrated once again, through his BBC2 series, “The Choir – Sing While You Work”, that music motivates people to discover their hidden gifts and abilities, growing their sense of wellbeing and self worth and enabling them to work with their colleagues in a much more effective and efficient way.

This often results in higher productivity.

Steve has experience in the world of business development

For more than 10 years, Steve worked as a Business Development Consultant with a number of companies across the South East of England. He ran CPD Seminars at the Croydon Park Hotel where business people from all over the SE gathered to hear top flight presenters on a variety of key issues.

He now brings his business and presenting skills into the world of Community Choirs UK, offering a unique combination of Team Building Exercises using Singing, Boomwhackers, Body Percussion and Junk Percussion alongside Simulation Exercises, Break-Out Groups and Training Exercises.

He will draw out the core vision and values of your business, making it a personal goal for each member of your company to contribute into building a successful and vibrant business in an environment of co-operation, mutual respect and heart motivation.


Why not talk to Steve and ask about what he can do for your company.

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